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Ethos for Lost Property Restaurant

EntranceWe have long wanted to open a small restaurant and the opportunity arose to acquire this property on John William Street.

We knew that the style we wished to create would be “rustic” in origin and incorporate different flavours from the beautiful country region east of the Black Sea .

Many of our Menu choices originate from Elena’s early life as a child, eating meals prepared by her Grandma and great Aunts.

All our meals are prepared and cooked with passion and love in an effort to deliver to you our warmth and welcome.

A meal is a great way to enjoy the friendship and company of others, be it as a couple or as a larger group.

We hope that we have created a place where you can relax with friends or family, maybe share some of the dishes we have prepared for you and simply enjoy an evening of good and interesting food in relaxing surroundings.


We are now two years down the line from writing the original “ethos” for our restaurant and have decided not to change a thing on it. Our “Ethos” has remained the same.

Our reasons for styling our restaurant “Georgian”, apart from the obvious one of Elena’s origins are worthy of comment.

Our Georgian food is probably the most healthy restaurant food available because of our way of cooking and the fresh ingredients used in making our dishes.

All our recipes are based on traditional Georgian methods and can be the main reason why Georgians have the greatest longevity of any nation!

Many of our tastiest menu options are suitable for both vegetarian and vegan diets.

We have made a great improvement to the drinks list with the introduction of three styles of Georgian wine. We have a dry red and a dry white together with an incredible sparkling white wine. These wines are all of top quality and from grape varieties hardly known in the West.

We have created a relaxed and comfortable environment for our customers to enjoy an evening out with friends or just themselves. Once booked the table is yours for the whole evening.

We can claim to be unique in that we are the only licenced “Georgian “ restaurant in the country, outside London.

Thank you for your continued support.

Elena and Mike Holroyd