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Chicken Satsivi £6.50

Tender chicken pieces in a traditional Georgian garlic and walnut sauce. Served with salad and Armenian bread.

(V) Suluguni £5.00

Georgian cheese fried in olive oil served with salad leaves, grapes and topped with crushed walnuts.

(V) Ajapsandali £6.50

A mix of roasted vegetables, aubergine, red pepper, tomatoes, onion, garlic and herbs.

Savoury “Cake” £5.50

Tasty chicken liver and mushroom pate layered on Armenian at bread, topped with crushed walnuts. Served with our own creamy sauce.

(V) Aubergine Rolls £6.50

Grilled Aubergine rolls stuffed with toasted walnuts, herbs and garlic, served with salad and our home made white sauce.

(V) Marinated Olives £4.00

Marinated olives served with Armenian bread

(V) Stuffed Tomatoes £5.00

Tomatoes stuffed with a mushroom and black olive pate’ and served with our own creamy sauce.

Pelmeni £6.00

Homemade juicy meat parcels cooked in a creamy sauce, served in a clay pot with a roasted pepper salad.

(V) Sauce Platter £6.00

A selection of our sauces, olives and Armenian bread.

(V) Hachapuri £6.00

Georgian bead with delicious cheese & herb filling. You may have this as a starter or choose it as part of a Meze to share.


Meze for One £8.50
Meze for two to share £15.00

Create your own Meze
Choose a sample selection of four of the above starters, served with sauce and Armenian bread.

If you have a food allergy please let us know before ordering so we can help you with your choices.